Our Products

Our Property and Construction insurances protect your business’ physical property from unexpected events like, fire, storm, water damage, theft, and the like.

Policies cover your physical assets and normally also include business interruption happening as a consequence of the physical property damage. We offer Construction All Risk (CAR) for new buildings, refurbishments, and the like. In addition, we offer bespoke solutions in case of Terrorism.

Exclusively for the Danish market, we offer the mandatory insurance coverage Building Latent Defects (Danish: Byggeskade).

Construction All Risk

Our Construction All Risk (CAR) and Erection All Risk (EAR) insurances are designed to cover projects against claims from unexpected damage during the construction phase. As an extension, consequential financial loss due to postponed project start can be covered.

Building Latent Defects

Exclusively for the Danish market, we offer Building Latent Defects (Danish: Byggeskade), a mandatory insurance cover for private residential projects as well as privately owned houses and apartments.



Our Property insurance provides cover for physical damage and the consequential business interruption following accidents caused by storm, fire, water damage, and theft to name a few.


Terrorism insurance is typically limited or excluded from normal property insurances. We provide a separate Terrorism cover for physical damage as a consequence of an act of terrorism.