Our Company

The RiskPoint Group is one of the largest Managing General Underwriters (MGUs) in Europe. Operating as RiskPoint in Europe and Asia and RP Underwriting in the rest of the world, the company provides best–in–class insurance solutions to businesses and their advisors globally within Accident & Health, Transactional Risk, Property & Construction, Renewable Energy, Offshore Upstream, and Liabilities including Financial Lines, Cyber, and Casualty.

Founded as Hansen & Klein in 1917, the insurance company was rebranded in 2007 as the RiskPoint Group. With 250+ employees and 15 locations in Europe, North America, and Asia Pacific, the RiskPoint Group employs specialist and seasoned underwriters with in-depth industry and product knowledge alongside its professional, in-house claims teams focusing on proactive claims handling.

The RiskPoint Group is a Coverholder with Lloyd’s of London and is backed by a strong panel of well-reputed insurance companies, all of which meet strict requirements in terms of financial security, market longevity, and product knowledge.

Our History


Hansen & Klein is founded in Copenhagen, Denmark by Th. W. Hansen and Carl Klein Sr. with a primary focus on writing facultative reinsurance. Its underwriting authority soon comes to include some of the world’s most significant insurance markets like Scandinavia, Continental Europe, the UK, and the US.


In the 1970s, Hansen & Klein’s list of insurance markets expands, and its underwriting authority now includes three of Japan’s largest insurance agencies, namely Tokio Marine, Taisho Marine, and Sumitomo Marine.


Under management of the founder’s son, Carl Klein Jr., Hansen & Klein in 1983 changes name to Hansen & Klein Management Ltd. A/S as it becomes privately held. In 1988, the company appoints a new CEO, Viggo Hauerberg, who acquires the majority shareholding of the company.


From 1996 to 1998, Hansen & Klein Management Ltd. A/S is acquired and becomes a branch office of the American insurance company, CNA Insurance.


All activities of Hansen & Klein Management Ltd. A/S is sold to CNA, however, the company continues under ownership of Viggo Hauerberg and Flemming Segerlund primarily acting as general agents for a number of Japanese Insurance Companies.


Kenneth Nielsen, Jens Andreasen, and Ulrik Evers take majority stake of Hansen & Klein Management Ltd. A/S, forms a new business strategy, and creates the RiskPoint Group with the vision of becoming a multi-carrier, multi-line, and multi-territory Managing General Underwriter (MGU). They establish binding authority with Arch Insurance and opens an office in Stockholm.


The RiskPoint Group opens an office in Helsinki and is approved to act as a Lloyd’s Coverholder. By the end of the year, the company employs a total of six employees.


The RiskPoint Group celebrates its first year in profit since the rebranding in 2007. At the same time it opens an office in Oslo and reaches a total of seven capacity providers. They are now eight employees in the company.


With the creation of the online service SafeAway A/S, which offers insurance solutions for private travellers, the RiskPoint Group expands their target product group to include private consumers within the area of accident and travel.


The RiskPoint Group acquires the Norwegian, specialist off-shore agency, Scandins, to supplement its offshore insurance offering. At the same time the company opens a new office in Frankfurt, and the total number of employees reaches 51.


The RiskPoint Group reaches a GPW of EUR 50M as the year comes to an end. At the same time, it celebrates its 10 year anniversary alongside the 100 year anniversary of Hansen & Klein Management Ltd. A/S.


To strengthen the company’s offering to consumers in the property and construction area, the RiskPoint Group acquires the Danish, latent defect specialist, Caplloyd A/S. At the same time, new offices are opened in Zurich, Amsterdam, and London.


A new office is opened in Madrid. The company now operates across nine countries and the total number of employees hits 89. At the end of the year, the RiskPoint Group GPW reaches EUR 100M.


The instant quote and bind online platform, RPX, is launched to serve brokers within the corporate and SME markets. At the same time, the RiskPoint Group team comes to count 145 members.


The first office outside of Europe is opened in the city of New York. The new American office is established under the name RP Underwriting. Meanwhile, the RiskPoint Group GPW surpasses EUR 230M.


A new office is opened in Singapore to better serve the markets in the Asia Pacific region. Meanwhile, the Swedish private equity company, Nordic Capital, acquires a minority stake in the RiskPoint Group. The company’s global team now counts 179 members.


As a second location in the Asia-Pacific region, the company opens an office in Sydney. Just like a second office in Germany is established in Hamburg. At the same time, the first office in Italy is opened in Milan. The RiskPoint Group GPW grows to EUR 270M.


The RiskPoint Group establishes a new office in Toronto. The company also publishes its first ESG report, outlining its strategy on environmental, societal, and governmental matters. Moreover, the company undergoes a complete rebranding including new logos and website.

Going Up the Mountain

Building on our heritage from 1917, our journey up the mountain began in 2007. We had a clear vision to establish a unique underwriting operation that makes a difference. Improving and adapting with the purpose of becoming even better at what we do, always striving for service excellence and delivering quality. We call this being the Underwriter of Choice, and it means the world to us.

At the heart of what we do are people. That is why we are here. Building a company with a focus on trust, openness, dedication, and respect nourishes great people and a strong company culture.

Equally important to us is you; the people we work with – clients, distribution partners, carriers, suppliers, and more. These relationships forged throughout the years are invaluable to us and motivates us to become even better.

We welcome you on our journey further up the mountain.

Kenneth Nielsen Group CEO

One of Europe's Largest MGUs

The RiskPoint Group is one of the largest Managing General Underwriters (MGUs) in Europe and a Coverholder with Lloyd’s of London. Unlike traditional insurance agents, we are granted authority by the 25+ insurers we represent to act on their behalf and administer insurance programs with binding consequences.

Our MGU authority extends to the evaluation of risks, underwriting of risks, binding of risks, fiscal representation, pricing, wordings, special conditions, the appointment of retail agents, handling and adjusting of claims, as well as claims payments.

Partnering with an MGU allows the insurer to tap into our expertise and geographic representation, which would otherwise be out of scope due to the costs of setting up in-house resources, new office location, or branch operations, and the like.

As such, the MGU model is an efficient and cost-effective way to offer insurance solutions in territories where the insurer is not represented or does not provide a particular product.

By partnering with the RiskPoint Group, you benefit from our:

  • Binding authority covering both underwriting and claims
  • In-house seasoned and specialized underwriting and engineering teams
  • Ability to quote and bind both standard and bespoke insurance solutions
  • Capability to establish wordings, set premiums, and collect and disburse insurance tax
  • Legal and technical in-house claims handling specialists
  • Ability to swiftly handle, adjust, and pay claims to clients

Our Business Approach

The RiskPoint Group is a Managing General Underwriter (MGU) providing insurance solutions to businesses and their advisors. Our global services include Transactional Risk and Renewable Energy, while we employ a European focus on Accident & Health, Liabilities, Offshore Upstream, and Property & Construction.

Unlike many insurance providers, we do not carry costs of own sales and distribution efforts but rather use professional insurance intermediaries as our primary distribution channel. We are a multi-carrier underwriting agency and thoroughly vet and evaluate all potential providers to secure we only represent carriers who meet high financial standards. With a goal of driving efficiencies for our capacity providers and distribution partners, we value and operate on long-term commitment and continuity.

Service excellence is essential to who we are and how we deal with clients, partners, and stakeholders. In every market we enter into, we rely on local representatives and knowledge to bring value to our clients. To provide reliable risk assessment, we only engage specialist, seasoned underwriting teams and in-house risk engineers. Furthermore, we keep our Claims teams in-house as to accelerate the claims processing as well as provide a hands-on, proactive claims handling.