How We Handle Claims

An insurance policy is a pledge committed to paper for when the unexpected or unwanted occurs. When such situations arise, our in-house Claims team is dedicated to delivering exceptional claims service to you. 

We offer a hands-on, proactive approach to ensure quality service from your initial claims notification through to the finalization of the claims process. 

Our Claims team consists of experienced industry and insurance experts who are ready to assist you with your claim.

Claims Recording

We record your claim, give it a reference number, and inform all relevant parties involved. Furthermore, we establish a provisional or full reserve based on the information available.

Claims Handling

In our claims adjusting, we gather documentation from all parties, stakeholders, and external experts. Based on the policy, rules, regulations, judgements, and information available, we form a substantiated opinion and make a final decision.

Claims Finalization

Upon our claims adjusting, we decide on coverage and compensation and make a settlement with the relevant party/parties accordingly.

Proactive & In-House Claims Handling

Our in-house, experienced, and local claims handlers are here to ensure that your claim is solved as quickly and smoothly as possible.

When external assistance is required in the claims handling process, we employ only highly qualified, trusted specialists. 

  • We collaborate closely with all stakeholders
  • We drive the matter forward without undue delays
  • We push for timely adjustments and settlements
  • We are solution oriented, approachable, and service-minded
  • We are an experienced global team of claims specialists