Values & Culture

At the RiskPoint Group, our company culture is the cornerstone of who we are. Guided by the enduring values established by our founding partners, our culture defines our collective DNA and filters through every aspect of our company. It unites our teams across departments and borders, shaping a distinctive identity that sets us apart in the market. This shared culture fosters a strong sense of belonging amongst our team members and strengthens our relationships with external partners alike.

Core Values

With a vision to be Your Underwriter of Choice and The Employer of Choice, everything we do revolves around trust. Trust is not only the foundation of everything we do, but also of our relationship with clients, business partners, and stakeholders. And as such, trust remains the cornerstone of our business and a beacon for all of our other values.

For us, trust creates security and empowers collaboration towards common goals. We build trust on reliability, integrity, and transparent communication. But most importantly trustworthiness does not come with reputation nor business results – it is formed through the exemplification of our core values throughout all interactions and relationships.

Openness & Honesty
Clear, truthful, and transparent communication is crucial for us. Through openness and honesty we create a safe environment to freely share opinions, thoughts, and feelings. We never negotiate on work ethics or integrity, and encourage diversity, knowledge sharing, and embrace cross-border exchanges to unlock synergies. We learn by doing, and grow through innovation, empowerment, and taking initiative.

Winning Team in a Competitive Environment
We always look forward to a challenge, ready to adjust our course of action and innovate. Our goal of becoming a winning team helps us thrive on healthy competition, leveraging our strengths to achieve shared objectives by

focusing on teamwork, accountability, and an effort to deliver our best. Developing our talented people – both as individuals and as a team – is key to fostering our contribution and cross-border initiatives. Our aim is to have diversified and collaborative teams, because together we stand stronger.

Drive & Dedication
Drive and dedication are our unwavering commitments and perseverance in the face of challenges. We dare to make decisions. We stand by our decisions, accept accountability, and show flexibility and agility when following through on commitments, despite the circumstances. Resilience through tough times empowers us to persevere through adversity. We strongly believe that speed of action and execution, alongside service excellence, make the difference to our clients and business partners and fuel progress towards our long-term goals.

Respect & Tolerance
Respect recognizes the value of every individual, promoting courtesy and empathy. Tolerance accepts and celebrates diversity, creating an inclusive environment where differences are embraced. We value a caring and empathetic attitude and show tolerance for mistakes. Respect, understanding, and listening are the first steps in our proactive problem-solving approach, be it in our service level, response time, or accessibility. We practice a bottom-up approach, where we ask for stakeholder feedback and invite others to give their opinion, while remaining objective during critical thinking, judgment, and decision making.


Culture is the glue that binds us together. We firmly believe that by prioritizing each individual while standing together as a team, we not only become a good workplace but truly stand out as a great one.

Although culture is a lived experience rather than something that exists on a piece of paper, focusing on what makes us strong is as important as ever for us, particularly as we grow and expand our business.

As such, our culture has become an essential part of our business framework and consists of a number of key pillars.

Together we:

  • Take accountability for our deliverables
  • Keep an agile mindset and embrace change
  • Share knowledge for continuous growth
  • Uphold quality and trust in all endeavors
  • Recognize that diversity drives innovation
  • Cultivate a positive atmosphere
  • Celebrate our differences as joint strengths
  • Strive to understand and exceed client expectations
  • Differentiate ourselves through forward-thinking strategies
  • Create a collaborative team environment