Our Products

Our Transactional Risk insurance encompasses a range of offerings tailored to mitigate uncertainties, whether arising from a deal, litigation, tax audit, or other contingent exposure. With our broker partners, we work closely with potential insureds and their advisors to pinpoint risks and effectively transfer them to the insurance market. Our solutions-based approach facilitates a seamless underwriting process by delivering customized solutions that empower parties to proceed with confidence.

R&W / W&I

Our Representations & Warranties (R&W), also known as Warranty & Indemnity (W&I) insurance, protects you from financial losses caused by breaches of certain representations and warranties made during a transaction and transfers the risk of potential liabilities to the insurer.

Contingent Risk

Our Contingent Risk insurance protects you from potential financial losses if a specified event or circumstance occurs in the future by offering you stability and continuity in uncertain environments.

Tax Liability

Our Tax Liability insurance safeguards you by providing financial assistance and support in the event of disputes or challenges from tax authorities, thereby helping to alleviate the potential financial burden associated with tax issues.