Our Claims Handling

We recognize that the true value of the insurance product lies in both the protection offered and the claims process. With this in mind, we consider the handling of claims an integral part of our overall value proposition. That is why we maintain an in-house Claims team specializing in Transactional Risk, boasting extensive experience in managing even the most intricate claims.

We believe that our claims handling process is a key differentiator to our competitors, and our Claims team remains committed to settling claims in a fair and efficient way. To ensure a more informative and effective process, our Claims team aligns with the relevant underwriters to ascertain the context of the transaction, policy, and coverage from the start of the claims process through to its resolution.

  • Specialized expertise: Our Transactional Risk claims team possesses specialized knowledge and experience in handling insurance claims proficiently and effectively.
  • Transparency: Our dedicated team maintains open lines of communication, keeping policyholders informed about claim status and any developments while managing expectations.
  • Effective Communication: Our team provides clear instructions and scope to external advisors, focusing on testing the robustness of advice by drawing on our vast team experience.
  • Timely processing: With a focused team, our claims are processed promptly, reducing delays in claim resolution and ensuring efficient disbursement of funds for covered claims.

Our Claims Team