RiskPoint Presents Cyber* and Extends Their Partnership With Truesec

Most businesses and organizations are now highly dependent on IT and digital assets. This means that the importance of cybersecurity is ever increasing. The RiskPoint Group is therefore thrilled to announce the launch of Cyber*. The first stage of Cyber* involves the extension of our partnership with cybersecurity experts, Truesec. This collaboration signifies a pivotal step forward in our cyber offering and enables us to combine our existing comprehensive cyber insurance coverage and best-in-class incident response with value-adding cybersecurity services. Cyber* is a package of services that with the support of our broker partners will enable our insureds to bolster their resilience to cyber threats.   

Anthony Herring, Head of Cyber Business Development at RiskPoint, comments: 

“Since the explosion of ransomware attacks a few years ago, the insurance market has played a key role in moving the dial when it comes to cybersecurity hygiene. In addition, the access to affordable incident response services provided by cyber insurance policies has helped countless businesses navigate their way through cyberattacks. At RiskPoint, we believe the natural evolution of cyber insurance products is to provide clients with proactive services in addition to the reactive insurance policy.”  

Our extended partnership with Truesec will provide our insureds with an overview of their cybersecurity posture, real-time threat intelligence and notifications, insights on the current threat landscape, educational materials and literature, plus the ability to access value added services that can improve their cybersecurity controls.  

Countless organizations have been negatively affected by cyber incidents. In the early months of 2024 alone, several high-profile examples gained significant media attention. And Truesec’s Threat Intelligence Report for 2024 predicts that cyber-crime will continue to increase over the next 12 months. 

Morten von Seelen, Vice President at Truesec, comments:

“Cyber criminals and state-backed actors are constantly developing new attack methods, and it is impossible for a single organization to keep up. At Truesec, we have extensive hours of incident response experience, and we are using the knowledge gained to help the security community best protect their critical assets and business operations.” 

RiskPoint and Truesec share a common goal of helping organizations of all sizes and industry segments to increase their resiliency to cyber threats. Since the beginning of 2022, we have worked closely with Truesec. The incident response capability that Truesec has delivered has been tremendously appreciated by our insureds, and thus remains an essential part of our cyber insurance product. 

Truesec is an international cybersecurity company with a clear purpose of preventing cyber breach and minimize impact. Since its founding in 2005, Truesec has gained a strong reputation and earned the trust of organizations worldwide. For more information visit www.truesec.com.

Kenneth Nielsen Group CEO

Our extended partnership with Truesec represents more than just a business agreement; we share a common goal to help organizations of all sizes and industry segments increase their resiliency to cyber threats. This expanded partnership is a testament to our shared values and commitment to serving our insureds and the broader community. With Cyber* combining insurance and cybersecurity services, we hope to help more organizations avoid, or at least successfully manage, the potentially catastrophic effects of a cyber related attack.

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