Professional Indemnity

Claims for damages arising out of professional liability can be devastating and as long as a company conducts business, it will always be exposed to the risk of causing injury or loss.

Our tailorable Professional Indemnity (PI) insurance covers defense costs including advisory expenses, legal costs, and claims paid to clients or third parties by you for losses resulting from errors and omissions made by the employees or other persons you are liable for.

  • Underwritten to specific risks and exposures
  • Focused on media, communication, and miscellaneous consultancy businesses
  • IT exposures can be covered by our CombiPoint solution
  • No appetite for Primary on lawyers, accountants, architects, engineers, surveyors, notaries, and independent financial advisors
  • Lawyers PI can be written on Excess basis
  • Caters for most extensions, subject to underwriting
  • Ample capacity (EUR 5M+ on Primary and EUR 25M+ on Excess)
  • Self-insured retention starts at EUR 3K for SME (revenues up to EUR 50M)


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