Intellectual Property

Continued globalization leading companies to new territorial expansions may entail infringement of patents or other intellectual rights, and companies must more thoroughly than ever consider intellectual rights management and insurance.

Intellectual Property (IP) is often excluded or restricted in the standard General Liability (GL) or Professional Indemnity (PI) insurance. However, with our IP coverage you get a tailored insurance that fit your requirements.

  • Underwritten to specific risks and exposures
  • Broad appetite
  • Coverage forms include infringement liability and contractual disputes as well as business interruption and reputational harm
  • Optional to add endorsements for pursuit costs to protect private IP including rights, title, and validity
  • Coverage can be extended to include legal representation including expert witness costs, translation, product withdrawal charges, and loss mitigation
  • Ample capacity (EUR 10M+)
  • Self-insured retention starts at EUR 50K


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