Cyber risks such as unauthorized breach of confidential or personal data, ransomware, or DDoS attacks interrupting or hampering business processes often lead to great financial losses and expenses – even with no bodily injury or property damage.

Our tailorable Cyber insurance covers third part liability claims, many first party losses, and business interruption as a direct result of a cyber event. The Cyber product further provides access to a panel of first-class vendors able to assist should you experience a cyberattack.

  • Underwritten to specific risks and exposures
  • Inhouse risk engineering
  • Preference for businesses involved in critical infrastructure, utilities as well as financial institutions
  • Limited appetite on businesses involved in gambling, payrolls, health, telecom, and media
  • No appetite for hosting companies, educational institutions, and municipalities
  • Ample capacity with appetite to deploying EUR 25M
  • Self-insured retention and potential waiting period will be determined in the underwriting process


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