Our Products

We offer market-leading products with comprehensive coverage, competitive premium rates, as well as favorable terms and conditions. With a wide range of optional covers, we can enhance our basic insurance cover to meet your insurance needs.

Whether safeguarding your employees against unexpected travel-related emergencies, providing financial protection in the event of an injury, or covering the company against prolonged employee illnesses, we have the insurance product you need. In addition, we provide coverage in connection with event cancellation.


Our Group Accident and Personal Accident insurance solutions financially protect you against unexpected accidents leading to dental injuries, permanent disabilities, or treatment costs which may not be otherwise covered. In addition, we provide coverage in case of death.


Our Keyman insurance solution protects small to medium-sized companies by covering salary, bonuses, and other remuneration packages owed to an employee or owner unable to work due to illness or accident. Expenses related to hiring replacement staff are also covered by this insurance.


Business Travel

Our Business Travel insurance offers protection for your employees during business trips. Tailored to your company’s requirements, our flexible benefits allow for premium calculation based on either the actual number of travel days or number of employees traveling.


Our Expatriate insurance provides a solution for Nordic companies with employees stationed abroad worldwide. We offer full protection in cooperation with BUPA Global. This insurance also includes business travel outside country of expatriation.


Our Contingency insurance is flexible and customized to meet your specific needs. From sports events and concerts to theater performances, shows, fairs, and exhibitions, this insurance covers cancellations which may lead to financial loss.